Chemical Waste Management (CWM) Hazardous Waste Site

Chemical Waste Management (CWM) is the only commercial licensed land fill in the northeastern United States which continues to receive toxic wastes. It is located in the Town of Porter in Niagara County, ten miles from Lake Ontario and the Great Lakes – which contain 20% of the liquid surface fresh water of the planet. This is a particularly unsuitable place for such a dump. The Department of Environmental Conservation has determined that there is no need for another toxic waste landfill, and has declared landfilling to be the least desirable method for disposal of toxic wastes. Despite that, CWM is pressing ahead with a permit application to build another huge toxic landfill adjacent to the present one. This must be stopped.

The Niagara Group is working with Residents for Responsible Government (RRG) to minimize the potential consequences of current toxic wastes buried in the area, and to prevent the further importing of hazardous waste to the site. This area is in close proximity to the Great Lakes, the Niagara River, the infamous toxic waste site of Love Canal, and Lewiston-Porter schools.

View the Residents for Responsible Government website at to learn more about the issue, view the CWM permit application, DEC’s response, and what steps you can take to get involved in preventing more toxic waste from entering the region.